Virtual Tutoring 2021

About Virtual Tutoring:

SIUE students are back this semester to help tutor virtually. Our goal this fall is to provide a safe and stable tutoring program that we won’t have to change based on COVID-19 guidelines or facility closings. We are hoping by offering virtual tutoring, that students can get the homework help they need without the challenge of social distancing within the library. Students will be able to schedule a one-hour time slot to receive services with one of our tutors. Make sure that when you log into the Zoom Meeting you update the name to match your registration. All communication will happen through Zoom and the sessions will be recorded for safety purposes. If a student needs access to the Internet or a computer, they can book a study room during the hours we are open to the public. Our wifi extends to the parking lot and Gazebo and is available when the library is closed. We recommend using Zoom on a computer instead of a mobile device so that you can use the screen share option to better share your homework assignments. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can also use a mobile device with a camera and microphone.


Q- What if I don’t need to use a full hour of tutoring?
A- Tutoring sessions are for 1-hour blocks of time. You don’t have to use the whole hour, but only sign up for a time you know you can attend. You can sign up for a 2 pm session even if you will be 15 to 30 minutes late. But you will only have until 3 pm with the tutor.

Q- What if I’m late for my session or have more questions?
A- Sessions will be cut off at the end of your hour to allow the next student to receive help. Sessions will also cut off immediately at the end of tutors’ shifts to respect their time.

Q- What happens if my name on Zoom doesn’t match my registration?
A- If your name doesn’t match your registration, we will not know it is you trying to access the meeting. You must update your Zoom name or add a note in your registration so we know you’ll come up under a different name. Example: If The Hulk wanted to sign up for tutoring but his Zoom account was under Iron Man he should register as The Hulk (Iron Man).

Q-What happens if something happens and I can’t make it to my tutoring session?
A- Contact us as soon as possible to cancel your session. Since we can only offer one tutor at a time, if you miss two tutoring sessions without notifying a member of the staff, you will not be allowed to participate in future sessions.

Q- What if I sign up last minute and don’t receive an email with the Zoom information?
A- While we will do our best to contact students with the Zoom information in a timely manner, we don’t have a way to have these emails automatically sent. That means it depends on a Youth Services Staff member being available to send out the email. Depending on programs in progress, assisting patrons in the library, answering phones, or no staff members in the department that day, it could limit our ability to respond quickly to last-minute signups.  We suggest contacting us if you haven’t received Zoom information 30 minutes prior to your session.

Q- What if I don’t have reliable internet or access to a computer or mobile device?
A- We can schedule you in an available study room during our open to the public hours. We highly suggest making the room booking ahead of time to guarantee one will be available. We can provide a laptop for you to use if you don’t have your own device.

Q- What if we are concerned about our child using Virtual Tutoring services? How do we know it is safe?
A- Sessions are automatically recorded and the chat will be saved. Tutors do not have access to our registrations or your contact information. All contact between students and tutors only happens through our recorded Zoom Meetings. Any issues or concerns should be brought immediately to the Glen Carbon Library staff to investigate.

Tutors Are Available:

Tutors are available Tuesday, January 19 to Saturday, May 1 on the following days:

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 2-8 pm

Tuesdays 5-8 pm

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 2-5 pm.


Register Weekly:

February 28- March 6

March 7-March 13 (opens February 28)

March 14-20 (open March 7)

March 21-27 (open March 14)

March 28-April 3 (open March 21)

April 4-10 (opens March 28)

April 11-17 (opens April 4)

April 18-24 (opens April 11)

April 25- May 1 (opens April 18)