Making Art w/Greta: The Illuminated Letter “M”

04/22/2021 @ 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

An Illuminated Letter “M” in Honor of Mother’s Day

Approximate time to complete project: 2 hours

Illuminate letters, together with other forms of decorations, were used before the invention of the printing press to enrich hand written books, or manuscripts. The illumination art mainly used bright bold colors and gold, illumination actually means “to light up”.

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In this class we are going to create our own illuminated letter in an easy and accessible way, step by step, without the use of professional tools for calligraphy–just using acrylic paint markers.

Materials needed for the class:

  1. Pencil and eraser
  2. Sturdy paper for painting (Mixed media or watercolor paper), approximate size 6X8 inches.
  3. Paint Markers, any brand, 3 colors of your choice, plus GOLD and WHITE. Greta’s sample uses Elmer’s Painters Opaque brand.
  4. A ruler (or square and ruler set) to trace straight lines.
  5. Painter’s tape (for clean lines around borders).
  6. Optional: carbon paper to trace the letter. Pick up copy of letter at the library or use link below to print at home.

To save time, the letter can be otherwise traced on a glass window using the light filtering from the back or creating your own carbon paper covering with a soft graphite pencil the back of a regular white sheet of paper before the class. OR freehand a copy.

Illuminated Letter Outline “M”

Illuminated Letter Sample in color