Library Board & Staff Members

Library Trustees

Kathryn Dortch
Term 2017-2023
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Marcella Starck
Vice President
Term 2020-2023
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Carrie Smith
Term 2019-2025
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David Boduch
Term 2019-2025
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Cody Jeter
Term 2021-2027
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Robert D. Klingensmith
Term 2021-2027
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Kevin Tellor
Term 2021-2027
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The members of the Board of Trustees are elected by the people of Glen Carbon for a 6-year term.

Library Staff

Christine Gerrish
Library Director
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Aimee Villet
Youth Services Director
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Betsye Stinson
Circulation Manager
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Sam – Youth Services Librarian

Chrissy – Youth Services Assistant

Elizabeth – Cataloger


Ellora – Associate III

Janan – Associate II

Kimberly – Associate II

Paige – Associate II

Betsy – Associate II

Claire – Associate II


Agendas and Meeting Minutes




Glen Carbon Centennial Library District

Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 6:00 p.m.

Glen Carbon Centennial Library Community Room

198 South Main St.

Glen Carbon, Illinois 62034

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call


    1. Recognition of Visitors and Public Comment


    1. Consent Agenda
    2. Director’s Report – Christine Gerrish
    • Strategic Plan Framework
    1. Reports of Youth Services and Circulation
    2. Approval of Board and Committee minutes:
    • 4/12/2022 Budget Committee Minutes
    • 4/19/22 Board Minutes


    • Correspondence and Communications
    1. Treasurer’s Report – David Boduch
    2. April, 2021 Financials
    3. April, 2021 Transfers


    1. Reports of Standing Committees
    2. Finance Committee – David Boduch
    3. Personnel Committee – Cody Jeter
    4. Building Committee – Dave Klingensmith


    1. Unfinished Business –


    • New Business –


    • 2022-2023 Nonresident Fee
    • Photography and Videography Policy


    • Topics for Future Discussion
    • Moving Phone Lines to VoIP
    • Quote from Henderson to prepare Bid Package for Carpet
    • Quote from Henderson to prepare Bid Package for Roof



    1. Adjournment

    Date for next Regular Meeting – June 15, 2022

Ordinance 22-1 Meeting Dates for 2022


The Glen Carbon Centennial Library District follows the Prevailing Wage Laws of Illinois (820 ILCS 130/)  For an updated table of Prevailing Wage rates, please go to the IDOL website.

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