Library Board & Staff Members

Library Trustees

Kathryn Dortch
Term 2017-2023
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Marcella Starck
Vice President
Term 2020-2023
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Carrie Smith
Term 2019-2025
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David Boduch
Term 2019-2025
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Robert Hormell
Term 2015-2021
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Robert D. Klingensmith
Term 2019-2021
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Kevin Tellor
Term 2017-2021
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The members of the Board of Trustees are elected by the people of Glen Carbon for a 6 year term.

Library Staff

Christine Gerrish
Library Director
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Aimee Villet
Youth Services Director
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Cheryl Hager
Circulation Manager
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Sam – Youth Services Librarian

Chrissy – Youth Services Assistant

Elizabeth – Cataloger


Ellora – Associate III

Janan – Associate II

Kimberly – Associate II

Paige – Associate II

Betsy – Associate I

Claire – Associate I


Agendas and Meeting Minutes




Glen Carbon Centennial Library District

Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

Glen Carbon Centennial Library Community Room

198 South Main St.

Glen Carbon, Illinois 62034

      1. Call to Order and Roll Call


      1. Recognition of Visitors and Public Comment


      • Consent Agenda
      1. Director’s Report – Christine Gerrish
      2. Reports of Youth Services and Circulation
        1. Approval of Board and Committee minutes:
        • 1/19/21 Board Minutes


        1. Correspondence and Communications


        1. Treasurer’s Report – David Boduch
        2. January, 2021 Financials
        3. January, 2021 Transfers


        • Reports of Standing Committees
        1. Finance Committee – David Boduch
        • Impact of COVID on Revenue
        1. Personnel Committee – Carrie Smith
        2. Building Committee – Dave Klingensmith


        1. Unfinished Business –


        1. New Business –
        • COVID-19 Closure Follow-Up
        • Substitute Part Time Associate Job Description
        • Review of Personnel Policies that haven’t been updated in over 2 years


        1. Topics for Future Discussion


        • Adjournment


        Date for next Regular Meeting –March 16, 2021




Ordinance 20-1 Meeting Dates for 2020


The Glen Carbon Centennial Library District follows the Prevailing Wage Laws of Illinois (820 ILCS 130/)  For an updated table of Prevailing Wage rates, please go to the IDOL website.

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