Project Next Generation – Technology for Students

Project Next Generation

The Glen Carbon Centennial Library is grateful to announce that we are a recipient of the 2023-2024 Project Next Generation (PNG) grant through the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State.

Project Next Generation (PNG) bridges the digital divide in communities with need by engaging students in educational programs and offering access to technology and mentors that might otherwise not be available. (Project Next Generation; Illinois State Library).

With the funds provided through this grant, the Library was able to acquire 10th Generation iPads, Apple Pencils, and Lenovo laptops, all to provide new and exciting technology programs for youth.

Programs for Youth

At Glen Carbon Centennial Library, our goal is to help our youth gain confidence when using new technology through hands-on learning experiences. The programs we host using the technology acquired through the PNG grant do just that!

PNG strives to provide positive role models and offers a safe and friendly environment that encourages discovery and learning. The mentors involved with the program foster learning and life skills development through library-based projects as students gain the knowledge and skills necessary for personal, educational, and future success. (Project Next Generation; Illinois State Library).

Check out the projects youths have made using the tech from the PNG Grant! The Youth Department strives to make the best use of the technology grant we were awarded. These projects were made in programs for youths Grades 5-12.

Tech Club for Youth

Tech Club for Youth is a monthly program that allows youth to explore technology and coding. New projects are done every month, including creating 3D models to print on our 3D Printer, introductory coding courses, and more!

Teen Art Unlimited

Art Unlimited is a monthly program that allows teens to explore art in new and exciting ways with a new project each month. Through the PNG grant, teens have been able to find new ways to express themselves artistically through digital means. Teens have tried different digital illustration and painting software with iPads, learned some basics of graphic design using Lenovo laptops, and have begun to learn how these technologies can be used together to create new and exciting projects!

For more information about Project Next Generation, please visit the Secretary of the State’s website.